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By creating an account on this website you will be able to trade your computer's processing power for in-game credits. The only thing required to begin earning is your Elemental Bank Account number; it is used to deposit your earnings. As long as you stay logged in and keep this website open in your browser you will be earning credits. Payout your earnings by submitting a payout request from your account page.

Using this website will not harm your computer; but it is not advisable to compute hashes with a mobile device due to the possibility of over-heating your device.
Your computer's processing power is used to solve a series of mathematical equations that are used to build a 'blockchain.' Finding many millions of solutions to these equations generates real-life money for funding FFUB's operation. Example: For every million solutions(hashes) computed, 0.00005403 XMR is earned for FFUB. 1 XMR is worth about 255 Euro. 9 Euro buys an HWS Alien core, which sells for about 5 million credits. This is the process by which your credits are aquired. Of course, market values for each of these are always changing, so your balance will reflect these changes.

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This website and its functions are *NOT* supported/insured/approved by EGS, the HWP, or the deities of the HWS Universe(owners/admins).

Balances shown on the website are not 100% accurate. Any discrepancies are subject to authority of FFUB management.